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Real Estate lead-based paint testing

Purchasing a home is likely the single biggest investment you will make. Entering into this decision without sufficient information can lead to expensive surprises down the road. Properly investigating a home is the surest way to know what you are buying before it is too late.

If the home was built before 1978 a buyer should be concerned about lead-based paint.

Our company uses state of the art (XRF) non destructive paint testing. For an average home it takes about 2 hours. Every painted component is tested in each room. .
Lead Disclosure Rule

The Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act, commonly known as Title X, went into effect in 1996 and requires the disclosure of known lead hazards, the distribution of an EPA pamphlet, and specific language in a contract each time a pre-1978 property is sold or rented. Buyers are allowed 10 days to conduct an evaluation for lead before they are obligated under a contract. 

Federally Backed Mortgages
While Title X requires disclosure, there are regulations that also require lead inspections and risk assessments on all Federally backed mortgages (like FHA, and VA loans) and all project-based Federal Assistance over $5,000. 

Pamphlet available

For a copy of the Environmental Protection Agency pamphlet, Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home, sample disclosure forms, or the rule itself, call the National Lead Information Center (NLIC) at (800) 424-5323, or TDD (800) 526-5456 for the hearing impaired. You may also send your request by fax to (202) 659-1192 or by e-mail to ehc@cais.com. The EPA pamphlet and rule also are available electronically and may be accessed through the Internet.

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