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Insurance lead-based paint inspection

As more media coverage and national attention brings lead based paint to the forefront of your client’s concerns, many clients have become knowledgeable about lead hazards and health issues.

If you represent an insurance company, you may already be familiar with our services. As the insurance professional, you can have the answers your clients need. By understanding important issues and health hazards, you can recommend a certified California lead inspector who will assess and analyze the property.
The solutions recommended by this specialist will allow you and your client to move forward with the transaction quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Being equipped with some basic knowledge will help you address lead issue problems.

Contact us today for more information on Residential and Commercial lead hazards inspections.

Kurtis Environmental provides assistance to all insurance companies serving residential and commercial properties. Our timely response and quick turnaround times ensure our clients receive their reports promptly. This allows our clients to efficiently manage their properties. This includes:
  • Initial investigation and assessments for hazardous lead problems
  • Post Remediation and Verification clearance testing. 
  • Preparing Scope of Work for abatement. 
  • Site supervision/project management from start to finish. 
Many insurance companies require lead paint chip sampling instead of XRF non destructive testing.

Our staff takes paint chip samples with a minimum of damage to the painted surface.

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