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Asbestos is a mineral fiber which has been shown to cause lung and stomach cancer when inhaled. It is only a problem when the fibers are released into the air. Asbestos can be found in steam pipe coverings, some appliances (especially wood stoves), some ceiling, wall and floor coverings, and some roofing and siding materials. 

To identify asbestos, look for identifying labels or contact a plumber, or a heating building contractor who may be able to make a visual identification. In certain cases, you may want to have a sample of the material in question analyzed by a laboratory. The general guideline for asbestos is not to remove it, unless it is crumbling into airborne dust. Improper removal can create more harmful exposure by releasing large quantities of asbestos dust. If asbestos in a home or commercial building is crumbling, contact a qualified asbestos contractor to deal with the situation. 

In any situation, when working with or near asbestos, wear a mask over your nose and mouth. When it comes to clean-up, removal or sealing asbestos leave it to the professionals.
Kurtis Environmental lead consulting includes the use of "state of the art" practices, protocols and technology. This utilizes the most current information available from sources, such as US EPA, HUD, ASTM, and other industry standards. 

Asbestos Consulting

ASEI assists building owners and operators for compliance with federal, state, and local regulations for asbestos control. To achieve this, ASEI provides a comprehensive approach for the removal and/or in-place management of asbestos in all types of buildings. The accumulated experience of our staff ensures the effective resolution of asbestos concerns at the lowest possible cost.

ASEI provides the following range of asbestos-related consulting services:
  • Building Inspections 
  • Hazard Assessments 
  • Project Design 
  • Project Monitoring 
  • Site Clearances 
  • AHERA Services 
  • Employee/Contractor Training 
  • Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Plans 

Building Inspections

Building inspections are conducted by employees trained according to the EPA AHERA requirements and registered with the State of California as Certified Asbestos Consultants (CAC) and/or Certified Site Surveillance Technicians. Our experienced inspectors are trained to: 
  • comprehensively identify suspect asbestos-containing materials on the interior and exterior of buildings
  • assess the viability and damage of the suspect materials
  • collect a representative number of samples to accurately characterize the percentage, type, and location of an asbestos-containing material present in the suspect materials
  • determine the appropriate type of laboratory analysis to yield accurate results
A detailed and customized report is issued at the end of the project that can be used to determine the best and most cost effective approach to managing asbestos-containing materials. 

Project Design & Management

Project design and management services prior to and during asbestos-abatement that are offered include: 
  • development of project design specifications
  • perimeter / clearance air monitoring 
  • abatement oversight  
Emphasis is placed on engineering controls, safe work practices, personnel protection, and sampling strategy.

ASEI provides all proper documentation after abatement completion. We prepare all final reports to document the safety and health aspects of the project including worker training, medical records, disposal manifests, and final project clearance documents.

Operations & Maintenance Programs

The implementation of an effective O&M program is the key to managing asbestos-containing materials in place. Our professionals develop O&M programs that include:
  • asbestos type, quantities, locations, and condition of materials
  • maintenance and management recommendations
  • procedures for re-inspections
  • requirements for notification and recording keeping
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